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CAST Director of Operations
Lawrence M. Harvey is a graduate of
the United States Naval Academy where
he majored in Physics and Oceanography.
He received his Master of Science in Applied Physics from the Naval Postgraduate School where he focused his work on the innovative application of emerging space technology (GPS) on underwater search and surveillance.

He served as a Naval Aviator for over 20 years and specialized in surface and subsurface surveillance, detection, and tracking of a wide variety of targets.  His qualifications include extensive ‘real-world’ experience with satellite tracking and monitoring, space technology applications, satellite imagery and interpretation, and UAS employment and application.
Mr. Harvey established and led the initial Navy-wide active duty combat search and rescue program.  After retirement from the Navy, Mr. Harvey led the east coast expansion of the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute (HSWRI) to Florida.
While at SeaWorld/HSWRI, Mr. Harvey fashioned and led the first significant ISS commercialization project. The “SeaWorld Project”
included the development of a marine vivarium for on orbit research
and a high-performance multi-spectral imager for mapping and monitoring coastal waters and reefs from the WORF.
Mr. Harvey joined CLS America with the express intent to develop a not-for-profit (Argos Foundation) organization focused on the promotion of the satellite service industry in the non-traditional fields of education, environment (Centers for Space Oceanography), humanitarian, and homeland security.
He worked closely with many of the technologies manifest in CAST including satellite-based Vessel Monitoring Systems, container tracking, wildlife tracking, ocean monitoring, early warning forest fire detection, broadband communications, water space and airspace management, remotely operated vehicles, and data fusion systems.
Mr. Harvey brings his expertise in all of these areas to the accomplishment of the objectives of the Center for Applied Space Technology.

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