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CAST Executive Director
Ms. Maria Peterson holds degrees from
The University of Florida and Lamar University where she earned her Master of Science in Organizational Communications.
She has also received considerable formal instruction in the fields of education and communications through a variety of Government Professional Development training programs.

Ms. Peterson has extensive experience in management, public relations, and marketing in a wide-range of commercial and not-for-profit organizations.
She has had numerous opportunities to apply her significant skills by successfully executing her responsibilities in such diverse enterprises as the oil industry, military, education, and government agencies.
Her knowledge, innovation, and resourcefulness have been instrumental in the management of multi-million dollar budgets as well as the professional development of hundreds of employees.
Ms. Peterson was handpicked to serve as the Executive Director of the Kennedy Space Center Support Committee, an organization founded to support our nationís space program.  She successfully liaised directly
with members of the state and federal government, including a large number of U.S. Congressional members.
Her organizational and communication skills are exceptional and will
both be critical in the fulfillment of the
CAST mission.

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