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CAST Program Manager
4D Virtual Environments Program
Yossi Kaner brings a very unique mix of education, training, and personal experience to CAST efforts in virtual environments. 
He is a graduate of the Israel Institute of Technology with a degree in Architecture.
Yossi’s early career was spent ‘in field’, working as an architect in both the
United States and Israel.

Through this classical architecture work, including several years of operating his own practice in Israel, he established himself at the
forefront of innovative technological innovation within the community.
Yossi has over twenty years of working with 3D technologies.  Throughout this time, he has availed himself to every technological
and procedural advancement within the community.
In recent years, Yossi has been on the leading edge of efforts to
integrate computer-based simulation with transportation models in
order to determine optimal traffic patterns and flows.  This work grew to incorporate all modes of transportation including air, rail, ship, and road.
He hopes to expand his work to encompass the mode of transportation ‘missing’ from his portfolio, space launch and recovery, through his work with CAST.  Yossi’s efforts also have direct significance to national efforts to establish and maintain security around the country’s seaports and airports.
Yossi faces a different challenge with CAST.  He will be applying his talents to research, develop, and integrate 4D modeling to facilitate next generation data distribution and “information extraction” in a real-time or near real-time environment.  His success is essential to CAST research, development, and tactical evaluation efforts in waterspace management, emergency operations and response, and next generation spaceport assessment.
Besides his exceptional skill and talent as an architect and 3D simulation expert, Yossi is a gifted artist.  This incomparable combination of abilities will assure CAST and its partners of an extremely exclusive capability
and will greatly further the mission of the organization.

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