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World Space Expo November 3-11, 2007

Celebrating 50 years of space exploration, WSE is an immersive experience of historic and modern exhibits, interactive presentations, rarely-seen demonstrations, and engaging general sessions with astronauts and industry personalities.  Space exploration will act as
the feature attraction to showcase Aeronautics, Space Operations, Exploration, Future Electronics and Earth & Life Sciences.
Today's world is a busy place with little time to see beyond the details of daily life.  Mankind is crossing a milestone in research, exploration, and the advancement of technology with barely a blink by the general public.
Through creative marketing and exhibition, WSE will become a vital conduit to engage the general public and the mass media and leave
a lasting understanding of where mankind is, where we are going
and why it's important to get there.
WSE offers a multitude of opportunities as a fresh new visible platform
for exposure and recognition with the aerospace industry, media,
our next generation of professionals and the general public.
Demonstrate your support for scientific research and exploration, the global initiative already in motion, and the long-term vision for
mankind's continued prosperity.


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Digital Earth is a visionary concept, popularized by former US Vice President Al Gore, for the virtual and 3-D representation of the Earth
that is spatially referenced and interconnected with digital knowledge archives from around the planet with vast amounts of scientific, natural, and cultural information to describe and understand the Earth,
its systems, and human activities.
The Digital Earth vision embraces a philosophy that any citizen of the planet, linked through the Internet, should be able to freely access a virtual world of information and knowledge resources.  This philosophy supports the dream of ubiquitous education for the people of the planet.
A rich convergence of technological advances, active visionaries, and recognition of the paramount need for humans to better understand the Earth and its systems comprises the history of this dynamic and exciting enterprise.
The Digital Earth community is dedicated to building a virtual global commons to promote “down to Earth” solutions supported by
cooperative protocols using standards, databases, analytical
and visualization tools that will foster the creation of appropriate
applications for a sustainable future.
A consortium founded the International Society for Digital Earth to promote the evolution and implementation of the Digital Earth vision.

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