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The United States is a maritime nation.  The adjacent waters directly impact the climate, commerce, and security of the country.

Contemporary environmental, political, and economic events make
a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the surrounding ocean, coastal waters, and inland waterways essential to the continued success and survival of national infrastructure, commerce, and population.

The United States is a space-faring nation.  Dynamic advances
in technologies, many of them with a genesis or foundation in the
space industry, are providing an understanding of the complexities
of the interactions between the different elements of the physical environment and a variety of human endeavors.

Application of technology such as space-based remote sensing, demonstrates the potential for real-time monitoring and control
of many key elements of the maritime environment.

The State of Florida epitomizes the national characteristic
and provides a unique operational “test bed” for innovative space
and maritime technology application.

The state of space-related technological development can best be advanced in Florida by emphasizing the significance of
these technologies and realizing the exceptional opportunities to
further ‘high tech’ industry and education within the State.

Successful research, development, test, and evaluation of these capabilities will ensure a broader incorporation into the national technological capacity.

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