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Saltwater Power



Saltwater Power Company

In keeping with our focus on identifying and implementing innovative applications of space-enabled and space-enabling technologies, we are working to scale-up an extremely 'green' power source: a magnesium-air fuel cell. This energy dense fuel cell operates upon the introduction of saltwater (or even 'recycled water') as the electrolyte and currently produces up to 2400 watt hours of power. The fuel cell weighs 24 pounds, is 90% efficient, and besides power, produces Mg(OH)2; milk of magnesia! The magnesium-air fuel cell is second only to advanced lithium-ion batteries in energy density but provides that power using an abundant element, magnesium, as well as air and saltwater. It is lighter weight, safer, and relatively inexpensive compared to even the most advanced fuel cells available.

We intend to apply this fuel cell technology to address humanitarian and transportation applications, specifically: (1) to power an extremely capable water purification system. Non-potable water could be used to both power the water purifier and provide the base for up to 25 gallons of pure water every hour. No other power source would be required to provide drinking water in emergency situations such as natural disasters, (2) to power electric transportation vehicles, specifically manned and unmanned aircraft. We are exploring fuel cell geometries that might produce sufficient, very low cost power with no environmental impact, to power a two-seat aircraft. Unmanned aircraft, surface vessels, and submersibles are also under consideration. We believe that expanding the fuel cell capability to achieve these demanding applications might open the door for a wide range of uses.

We are working directly with the patent-holder of this technology. His current interest is in low-scale power, primarily for use in charging batteries. Our background in advanced aerospace systems and applications and exclusive access to this highly innovative technology should enable us to advance the capabilities of this fuel cell.




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