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Waterspace Management through
the Application of Space Technology

The concept of waterspace management has been advanced by CAST
as the ideal process for employing cutting-edge technologies to ensure the absolute control over a designated volume of water.
As envisioned, the elements of waterspace management as promoted by CAST could be employed to support Sustainable Fisheries Management, Essential Fish Habitats, Marine Sanctuary Management, Spaceport Operations, as well as Port and Maritime Security.
The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is an ideal location to
conduct a “proof-of-concept” demonstration of the technologies that may comprise effective waterspace management.  The Sanctuary management team has already zoned areas of the preserve in an attempt to establish varying degrees of controlled access depending on the characteristics
of the particular zone.
CAST intends to build upon this structure through the innovative application of a variety of space technologies including satellite tracking, monitoring, imagery, and data management.  These technologies will
be integrated into a variety of visual geospatial information systems in
an effort to provide real-time management capabilities.
Other high-end technologies will also be included within the test parameters.  Several agencies, commercial enterprises, and academic activities are participating in the test and the actual fieldwork is expected to begin by the end of June, 2007.
CAST will maintain project progress reports on this website and invites the participation of other interested organizations and activities, especially those with compatible technologies and funding support!

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