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Many of the space technologies and functions that CAST has identified, evaluated, and ultimately integrated into non-traditional applications
have, as a primary function, the gathering of data.
Realizing that this accumulated data, by itself, does not enable or augment the specific programs and priorities of the CAST mission,
we have endeavored to identify and develop innovative methods for extracting useable information from arrays of accumulated data sets,
or data matrices.

Perhaps the most significant tool identified to date for the purpose of gleaning information from a large and varied data matrix is the 3D Virtual Environment.  The Virtual Environment is integral to CAST efforts in ongoing programs in waterspace management, emergency management and operations, and next generation spaceport advancement.

CAST is currently exploring the technologies that would enable the introduction of the element of time to the 3D Virtual Environment, effectively creating a 4D data management vehicle.
Initial efforts focus on the integration of real-time satellite tracking data into the 3D model.  This program is in the test and evaluation phase through a waterspace management technology demonstrator project underway in the Florida Keys National marine Sanctuary.
The 4D technology demonstration model is also being used to advance emergency management and response capabilities and training.

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