28 October 2021

At the request of NASA HQ, CAST had the honor of briefing NASA Administrator Bill Nelson on our vision for space-based medicine research that might eventually lead to innovative clinical applications. Besides CAST, the hour-long meeting included leadership from the Mayo Clinic in Florida and the Mayo Program for Research in Space Medicine (PRISM). We were most impressed by Administrator Nelson’s interest and knowledge in Space Life Sciences including his relating our current program objectives with the space-based medicine research that he conducted during his flight onboard Shuttle Columbia on STS-61-C in January 1986.

16 December 2021

CAST and our teammates from Redwire Space, Cellink, and the Mayo Clinic in Florida PRISM, were selected by NASA for participation in a Flight Opportunity through the Space Technology Research, Development, Demonstration, and Infusion (REDDI) Program. The team will be evaluating innovative bioinks and processes for printing cells and cell structures in reduced gravity. This effort represents a significant element of our greater vision for space-based medicine leading to clinical applications on a global scale and might provide an important foundation for future development of biomanufacturing processes in the environment of microgravity.


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